The Tututepec Mural lies in the cultural center in the heart of Tututepec, a historic town in Oaxaca, Mexico. Painter Elezar Sanchez Aguilar took it upon himself to document its history through art. The 3-story mural took 5 years to complete and finished in 2018.

During our time in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca we befriended Kiko who took an interest in our project and recommended we check out an artist finishing up a mural in his hometown Tututepec. We met Elezar Sanchez who has spent the last 5 years painting a mural that represented 3 different cultures that had lived in this historic town. It’s the biggest piece of work he’s done along with the responsibility of portraying history through art. He shows us the importance of his work as well as the challenging aspects of creating such an important and massive piece.