Painter Horacio Quiroz lives in Mexico City. While preparing for his first solo art show “Polarities” at Booth Gallery in New York, he described his thoughts on being a self taught artist and how being more internationally recognized has helped his artwork grow. Not exactly or deliberately painting queer art, he looks back on his past as an inspiration to what he paints today. Horacio specializes in oil painting and continues to grow quickly in popularity and skill. 

We had our hearts set on Horacio Quiroz for some time while we were still putting this project together back in SF. We were thrilled that he was the first artist from Mexico who agreed to be a part of our series and couldn’t be blessed to know him further as a person. At first glance looking at his artwork, the audience is left wondering what sort of mind produces such incredible yet complex work. We decided to focus his episode on how his style was influenced by discovering his sexuality at a young age, and prepping for his first solo show in New York.  Horacio’s deep thoughtful insights about himself was exactly what we were looking for and couldn’t be more thankful to find not only an incredibly talented artist but also one who is humble and willing to share a deeper side to themselves. Enjoy Episode 4!


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Upcoming Events

Horacio is currently preparing for his first solo art show at Booth Gallery in New York showcasing September 7 – October 20th 2018 please stop by if you’re in the area!