Carlos Bautistab, print maker and tattoo artist makes beautiful work inspired by the nature that surrounds his home. While living remotely can be limiting such as acquiring supplies, electricity and resources, Bautistab still found a way to teach himself the necessary tools of becoming a tattoo artist. 

While making our way to Oaxaca we were researching which artists we wanted to feature. Carlos’s work came up through an instagram search and we immediately gravitated towards his work. Located in San Jose del Pacifico (about a 3-4 hour windy bus ride away into the mountains) we arrived at a small remote town hidden in the clouds, though small and tucked away we were surprised at how many backpackers knew of its existence. Tattoo work and etching are Carlos’s two loves which balance his fast paced mind, though being located in the woods has its drawbacks to its resources, it doesn’t stop this man from accomplishing his goals. Watch episode 12 and enjoy learning about how Carlos pursued his passion despite its seemingly limitations.



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