Brent Benaway is a San Francisco artist who typically struggles with finishing projects and having the confidence to pursue his artwork publicly. Now with the opportunity to travel and interview artists from around the world, he gives us insight to his experience painting his first mural and how most artists can get lost inside their heads.

 It’s only fitting that you get to know the man behind the project and really why this vision was so important for him to share with everyone else. As a self taught artist he experienced a lot of trial and error, lots of ups and downs, doubt, questionable experiments, and never-ending thoughts and visions about his work.

It’s always nerve racking being in front of the camera rather than behind it, we figured if we were going to roam the world asking artists to open up about themselves, we should do the same. For his theme we focused on his struggles with finishing his work, as well as painting his first mural here in San Francisco. The process presented itself to be more complex and challenging than he imagined yet helped him gain the confidence that he needed as an artist.


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Brent’s Mural can be found at ‘Sweet Passion Bakery’ located in outer Sunset district in San Francisco, CA.