Under The Canvas is a YouTube art series producing mini film documentaries about local artists from around the world. As we backpack to our most desired destinations we are reaching out to artists whose work inspire us greatly giving our viewers more insight to the personal life of an artist. We are documenting mainly visual artists such as painters, photographers, sculptures, tattoo artists, graphite artists and more! We hope each episode will inspire those to continue to create and pursue their dreams.

A little about this project..

Getting into the heads of our favorite local artists from around the world. We start in San Francisco, Joshua Tree and Mexico City and will work our way south and across the continent! Here you’ll find a variety of people that have an inexplainable urge to make their art. While the work itself can speak a thousand words, the internal and external process is a hidden gem and untold story. Our Youtube series will feature artists as we travel spontaneously, here on this website you can find out more information about each artist.

A little about us..

We’ve always been on the journey looking for something that encompasses all of our passions into one. In 2015 we eloped in Croatia and had the most incredible 10 month honeymoon traveling through Eastern Europe and SE Asia. We fell in love with so many different people, cultures, and art while exploring the world that when we eventually had to return back home to San Francisco, we couldn’t wait to get back out again. We saved our pennies and brainstormed a project that we could work on to document our travels and experiences. One idea led to another and we realized that for us personally we would love to meet more locals and find the community of art in each country. All production is just the two of us! We’re learning as we go filming, photographing, editing and interviewing and traveling! We hope you enjoy this journey with us and find a deeper appreciation of the life and work of so many talented creators and artists.

Thanks for your support!

Brent & Julia

Special Thanks:

None of this would have been possible without the help & support of two very special people in our lives. All music on each of our episodes is supervised by Justin Smith (AKA: Citizen Ten) if you like what you hear please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll point you in the right direction of this incredibly talented individual.

Building this project has taken a lot of energy, time, and huge learning curves for the both of us. We would not be able to produce this project without the immense help of Mario San Miguel. Thank you for the time and effort you have invested in us and teaching us more than we could’ve imagined. Mario is a self-taught wizard of everything, from production, cinematography, editing and visual effects to a vast knowledge of every and all software imaginable.  He is our guru of all that is known, please check out his work and contact him HERE.