Escoto + Carrara collaborate and bring together stunning photographs and oil paintings. They consider themselves as one artist but each bring their own individual talents to produce a look that is uniquely both of them. Check out their interview below and see how they manage to balance their personal relationship with one another while also making art together. 

Federico Escoto and Roberto Carrara live a little outside of the main city, we arrived at their house decorated with colorful walls and a kitchen surrounded by large windows overlooking a luscious green backyard. They rent their home from an architect so art surrounds them providing a quiet and inspirational place to work, Roberto is the photographer while Federico paints in oil. They found many years ago that they not only collaborated well as artists, but also as partners in life. We had not thought about interviewing a couple that worked together on the same piece as well as have a romantic relationship, the subject alone in itself was interesting enough and we enjoyed learning how they manage to balance work and life with one another.


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