Paulina Jaimes is a fantastic painter working with various mediums. While painting comes easily to her, she still finds new ways to enhance her skills as an artist and to always evolve and learn. Paulina lives in the heart of Mexico City and is more widely known for her oil and watercolor paintings. 

In the center of Mexico City is Paulina Jaimes Pintora’s art studio/home surrounded by a collection of her artwork. Texture and light are what she loves to highlight in her work, being the daughter of two painters she grew up learning how to work the materials naturally. She opened up to us about how she experiments with various techniques (some of which are considered very ancient), so naturally we wanted to know more. We figured for the artists community it was important to encourage others to always continually explore and be a student in something new. Paulina opened up about how exploration helped her specifically better achieve her vision and the various benefits of having multiple mediums to work with.


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