Oil painter Abraham Jimenez is a perfectionist who is deeply connected to each of his art pieces. In his interview he describes the importance of being an art teacher and passing on knowledge while also giving us insight to how most artists can feel when producing and letting go of their work. 

Neither of us had heard of Abraham Jimenez, but after meeting Horacio (Episode 4),  we became good friends and he pointed us in the direction of several incredible artists in Mexico, one of them, being Abraham. In Xochomilico, just south of the city, we were greeted warmly by his family and friends. We enjoyed getting to know one another and taking the time to look at his incredible work. His most recent work had us floored in the amount of detail and work that went into each piece. His canvases are huge and look like photographs but are instead all oil paintings. Though there was a language barrier, Abraham has a warm and humorous personality and so easy to connect with. What was most special was feeling so close to someone without having to exchange many words. 



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