Artify Jaco is an organization that is beautifying their town through art installations and murals while supporting international and local artists.

While researching artists in Costa Rica, we came across Artify Jaco and really fell in love with what they were doing for their city Jaco. Interviewing Wendy, we learned that Jaco is a somewhat sleepy town usually either being bypassed by tourists or not holding much to its name other than surfing and yoga. A casino lives in the middle of the main street giving this city’s reputation a place for party goers. Wendy and Stuart, started this organization with the intention of making Jaco more accessible and colorful by hiring muralists locally and internationally to bring more art to their home. This is a great organization that helps their community value art and hopefully inspire others to beautify and contribute to their hometowns and public spaces. For more information please visit their website and find out how you can help continue their amazing work!